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Curriculum Vitae

February 2013 – Now | Senior IT Advisory Specialist (Synchrony,WMQFTE, Sterling) (Integration of File Transfer Services and data transfer) (Contractor)

Making connections at ABN-Amro bank, both internally between the various banking software systems and externally, with customers and trading partners of the Bank.
Development of support scripts for integration. See below for timeline.

2021-Current – Migration of complete French SFTP and Axway CFT data gateway towards Dutch AAB Infrastructure, 1500+ connections.

2018-2020 – Migration of 300+ AAB business partners from the Synchrony platform towards Sterling Gateway. Policy development, admin development, new rules. Successfully completed.

2019 – Development of connectivity scripting and Business Processes to enable connectivity from the mainframe towards Sterling and to enable the gateway to initiate external downloads.

2018 – Lead engineer on Synchrony-to-Sterling migration project. Responsible for workload distribution, documentation, intake and creation of a support base and for implementation of the more complicated partners. Development of unified naming conventions. Training of fellow engineers, writing handbooks.

2017 – Specialist connection between mainframe and external partner with full monitoring.

2016 – Setup of additional monitoring and analysis scripting for MQ/FTE management. Upgrades and upgrade management of earlier scripts. Version control.

2014-2015 – Setup of various high-security connections between AAB and governmental agencies.

2013 – Development of support scripts for reliable connectivity between Synchrony Gateway and MQ/FTE. Extensive documentation. Configuration and setup scripting (Perl)

June 2015 – Now | IT Director and vice-chair of Special Needs Judo Foundation (freelnce)

In SNJF’s vision, SN-Judo should be available for anyone with a physical and/or mental disability, without exceptions. Our motto is: “Normal where possible, modified where necessary

SNJF was founded as a non-profit organisation, supporting SN-judo within the Netherlands and abroad, and encouraging integration of SN-judoka into the regular judo community.

Since 2000 the founders of SNJF Ben van der Eng and Tycho van der Werff deliver advice, support and know-how with organising tournaments, classification of judoka, consultancy and in short everything that is related to Special Needs Judo.

SNJF was the driving force behind the government-supported “Judo for Caregivers” education package which guarantees comprehensive education (And an official certificate to prove it!) for judo sensei dealing with handicapped and/or disabled judoka.

The large body of expertise within SNJF is available for governmental and private organisations within The Netherlands and abroad.

January 2000 – March 2013 | Technology Director at Copernicus Interchange Technology BV

August 2011 – January 2013 | Senior Designer FOS/KUB at Belastingdienst (Contractor)

  • Design of KUB (Koppeling UWV – Belastingdienst)
  • Design various connections between BD and partners.
  • External documentation for secure connections with BD.

April 2010 – August 2011 | Lead Designer at Undisclosed (NDE) (Contractor)

Designed long-range RFID container tracking system; Database design, GPS map tracking, integration with Google Maps, ordering, reconciliation.

January 2010 – April 2011 | Lead Designer at Undisclosed (NDE)

Designed multi-level long-range RFID container tracking system; Database design.

December 2009 – March 2010 | Senior Technical Consultant at Lekkerland Systems (contractor)

Migrating Son infrastructure to the new headquarters in Germany
Day-to-day troubleshooting and support

March 2007 – November 2009 | RLP Delivery Manager at DHL (Brussels) (contractor)

Design and delivery of RLP solution for DHL

November 2005 – February 2007 | Senior Technical Consultant at Eneco Energie (contractor)

Design and advisory of various technical solutions on data exchange (EDIFACT, Axway XFB)

March 2000 – October 2006 | Customer Automation Teamleader at DHL Information Services (contractor)

Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Kuala Lumpur

  • Maintained Regional EDI Gateway for DHL Worldwide Express.
  • Developed the ‘Moloch’ processing concept, whereby a database is used as metastorage.
  • Developed:
    • G2 gateway (Shipment EDI details)
    • T2 gateway (Track & Trace EDI details, processing roughly 18 million messages per day)
    • I2 gateway (Invoicing EDI details, replacing paper invoices on a large scale)
    • Automated processing on proprietary DCS system
  • Maintained and modified the 2LRR (Two-Leg Repair & Return) gateway
  • Hooked up T2 to GeneSIS
  • Connected 1500+ customers to the Regional EDI Gateway
  • Decommissioned and migrated 11 European countries’ local EDI Gateways and absorbed those into the Regional Gateway, thereby standardising their EDI operations and streamlining support and development.

1988 – 2000 | Customer Automation Teamleader at DHL International BV

  • Rolled out 300+ of the then-revolutionary EasyShip systems, enabling DHL’s customers to print their own shipment labels
  • Developed world’s first-ever modem-based shipment advisory
  • Developed DHL’s first-ever DHL EDI connection with Alfa-Laval
  • Developed widespread label printing with the SCAP-III application, warehouse-based
  • Developed mass mailing systems based on OCR-scanned adressing
  • Developed deep-drill monitoring and datamining, accessible through DHL’s intranet site


1983 – 1986 | Delft Technical University – Aerospace Technology




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